Sunday, 9 August 2015

Steampunk production at full steam

It's been a while I know but, this weekend I got a boot up the backside.  OK it was last weekend when hubby booked us to do a Steampunk weekend at the National Railway Museum in Shildon at the end of September.

This week I have made 15 cards (will be photographed later) 2 canvases, a pen holder, stand alone word and 4 plaques, (only two plaques included here as I stupidly decided to use glossy accents, so hopefully that will be dry by the end of September!!)

First up the two canvases, some of you may have seen the first one already as it was on FB last night.

Next up the two plaques

Now for the pen pot

Last but by no means least the stand alone word

I will be at the event in Shildon on the 27th September and possibly on the 26th as well.  Pop by and say hello, and have a peek at what my other half does for shits n giggles.