Monday, 22 September 2014

Creative Blog Hop

I was asked by the super talented @Massofhair on twitter to take part in a just for fun blog hop, having never done anything like this I hope I don't disappoint.

Something about myself

I am an administrator within the NHS by day and by night/at weekends I pretend I know what I am doing with ink, paint, stamps and papers n card.

I started out as per my bio, cross stitch embroidering but wanted quick result projects and moved into card making, and then the steampunk phenomena hit and that spurred me into altered art.

I am midway through the decade that begins with a 4 and have no intention of growing old gracefullly.  I am an ageing rocker and ex biker (never did pass my test but my ex hubby had so I just sat back and generally went to sleep).  

The Current Mr Hall is a mad model builder and we are both Sci Fi junkies.

Not many of you will know this either, I was the first membership secretary of the Guild of Fans and Disciples, the Terry Pratchett Fan Club and basically ran the club for three years before my second daughter arrived, and having two littlies under 5 and running the club were just a tad too much.  

What are you working on at the moment

I'll be brutally honest, mainly DT work to get ahead and some picture frames that I sell at my Christmas fair at the NRM at Shildon - the only one I do regularly.

I also need to get my finger out and design and make the model club Christmas Cards (Hubby runs the club and has done for 22 years) as well as our ones.

Why do you Create What you do

For me it's escape, a space for me to block the world and focus entirely on something, the creative process lifts me out of the daily humdrum and when it works out better than expected I get  a real sense of achievement out of it.

How does your creative process work?

Go with the flow, I have an idea of what I want to make, what I want to use and an image of the finished article in my head, but it generally is a case of once I'm in full flow nothing will stop it till it's finished.  Then I generally say I hate it.  Show it to @Sunshine_Cazz my bestest friend int eh world and my crafting buddy/conscience and she tells me straight, don't like or fab.

How do you stay focussed/motivated?

I stay focussed by ............................    oooooooooo shiny!!!!!!!

No honestly, if after an hour I am still staring at the wall behind my desk, or am finding spots to tidy and haven't actually done anything I pack in, I never force it, if it ain't gonna happen today it ain't gonna happen, that way I don't get too disheartened.  I think if you set yourself small goals you stand more of a chance of achieving greatness in bite size pieces.  I'll let you know when I get there lol.

I hope I didn't bore you too much, please pop and see the other lovely ladies included in this hop

and my final nomination (she doesn't know yet!) @sunshine_Cazz


massofhair said...

Am in awe & bowing to you the first Membership Secretary of Fans and Disciples of the wonderful Mr Terry Pratchett! Love that you were so heavily involved, really awesome Jax!

I too am an ex biker, passed my test at 39 & rode a Suzuki 550cc for two years until illness struck. Was a sad day when we said goodbye...

You made me lol when you told us how you stay focused, oooh shiny... still smiling at that. You write eloquently and instil humour i enjoy that a lot.

Hope your DT dreams forge ahead, you have the talent to make it so keep plugging away!!!

Not bored in any way, find you both funny and fascinating, think they call it hidden depths or as my OH would say hidden shallows lol.

Thank you for letting us have a glimpse into you Jacqui Hall, looking forward to learning about Cazz next week.

Love & Light
M:-) xxx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Lovely getting to know you a little More Jax. I loved reading your post. It so nice to hear how others negotiate such themes as what motativates creation and how to keep it going etc. it's different for everyone which makes art so interesting. Well done for taking part, it's not easy to share yourself in blog land. Xxx

Sarah Dunkley said...

Fab post hunni! It's lovely getting to know a bit more about you. Thanks for sharing! X