Saturday, 20 November 2010


Welcome to my blog, I want to share my projects and love for craft with you. Time to show you some of my cards.....! 

*Betty Boop*

This one was made for a lady at work’s Mum.  She has been into Betty Boop for a number of years, and had a large birthday earlier this year.  The image is decoupaged with the addition of diamond sparkles to the chocolate box, shoe and bow.  This card is now in a frame in the recipients house.

*Comp entry 1*

Just a card I cobbled from some paper I was unlikely to use, with an image from a calendar bought for my new year present two years ago (we always buy each other a calendar for new years eve in our house).  I added in a page of sheet music and used a Clarity stamp Violin as a complimentary image as the lady from the calendar also has a violin.

*Comp entry 2*

This image is a twisted pyramage from Nancy Watt.  Just mounted onto a contrasting background.  I like the image because it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn at the Ascot races in “My Fair Lady”, so this was purely self indulgent.

*Baby Boy*

Self explanatory, lady my OH works with asked for this for a neighbour who had just had her first baby.  The image is from Kanban and I think is really evocative of the newborn baby having it’s first cuddle.

Next post I will show you some more. Hope you enjoy!

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