Monday, 23 April 2012

Blogging for the uninitiated

Well today I have tried to make a start at adding a page from which to sell the cards, tissue box covers and glassware and in the future soaps I make with a view to adding more products as I discover new crafts and techniques.  After an hour and a half I have lost the will to live.  I guess it will get easier as I get used to doing it, but let's face it, I am not great at these things, I have only just learnt how to link to challenge blogs.

I feel the next few weeks could be extreme as far as learning curves go.

I am hoping to launch it at the beginning of June but it may end up being July at the current rate of progress and learning.

Candle Votives

Glass Clocks

Tissue Box Covers


Crafty Daffy said...

I think your creations are lovely, and are far as learing the blogging / linking stuff, the knowledge does seem to come on exponentially and learning one thing makes it easier to learn the next 3 things etc. You will get there, and I am sure all your twitter buddies will help you out wherever possible. It is great to have a wealth of different talents essentially at your finger tips. All you have to do is ask :) xx Denise

Anonymous said...

I really like your clock.

Cumbrianlass said...

Hi jaz,
keep going you will get there, I have found that there is always someone out in the crafty world that can help, if needed. I have only had my blog for a few months, and the help I received has been wonderful.
I have become a follower, have had a flick through your blog and you have some stunning cards etc on here.