Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A Heartfelt thank you

As quite a few of you who chat to me on twitter are aware, I have been suffering with a severe bout of depression since Christmas and been off work since the end of January when I couldn't fight it any longer.  Over the past few months my Twit friends have been an absolute lifeline, so my first and biggest thank you is to all of you.

My second thank you is to all the wonderful and talented crafters who follow my blog, the encouragement, tips, help and lovely comments left have been a huge boost to my confidence.  I just hope that over the remainder of my recovery and beyond I can continue to impress you all.

Thank you everyone.


Crafty Daffy said...

As a fellow tweeter and struggler, I applaud your courage and resolve in finding solace in your crafting and your tweeting buddies and continuing to be so wonderfully creative - even though you are feeling low. You inspire me, craftily and personally. Thank YOU!

Netrix said...

I second Crafty daffy.

Carole Z said...

Hi Jac, I feel so sorry that I have not been tweeting much recently & didn't pick up on this...I've suffered mild depression in the past and it's not nice. The reason I haven't been tweeting much is that I've been very stressed thru work things and just been managing to stay above the depression threshold...crafting and my own blog have been my saviour too...I'll try and make sure I check into twitter more often...keep on crafting hun, Carole X

Cameron Writes said...

I didn't know - but as you know I'm manic depressive so I know how it is ... if I've EVER been there when you needed someone, I'm happy. If I wasn't - I'm sorry xxx