Sunday, 6 January 2013

2013 - The Year With Endless Opportunities

I know I haven't updated this for yonks, but part of the problem has been I have been so tired from "Keeping Up Appearances" at work.  I have been in a redeployment pool since August awaiting the redundancy cheque, as no jobs have been identified as suitable, I am to have the meeting that gives me the end date.  I have found this a rather difficult time if I'm honest and have not been able to find the energy to craft as much as I would like.  Now that cloud is lifting and I am here, and ready to go once again.

So below are a few DT pieces from the back end of last year to keep you going.

These few were from the Emergency Crafters Challenge blog.

A number of you will know that I also design for Craftsite, a shop in Northumberland that is also online here  and a number of my cards can be viewed in their gallery and on their blog.

Off now to make more stuff

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