Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Emergency Crafters DT Piece - Romance

Well it's February so that means Valentine's day, and all those smushy compilation cd's are being advertised by the truckload and the men folk are expected to buy flowers and chocolates.

NOT in this house, I rarely eat chocolate, and as I work full time, flowers are a waste of money as only the neighbours get the benefit of them from our living room windowsill.  I would much rather have new crafting goodies any day of the week, and thankfully my hubby knows it.

For this challenge I decided to be really brave, throw caution to the wind and have a go at a multi media canvas.  NO not a multi media in terms of having the computer and projector and all whistles tooting, but various media of art.  I used acrylic paints for the base, Dew Drop inkpad for the spotty areas of the background, I used Creative Expression Stamps and an Indigo Blu Stamp, which I stamped in flitterglue and tried to guild, didn't quite work as the glue just soaked into the canvas, but you can make some of it out.  I then used some black Maribou feathers and a wirework heart embellishment and a Creative Expressions key embellishment.

Hope you like.

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