Saturday, 9 March 2013

Doorway to one's soul

I started by basing the page with green and then lightened it with white whilst still wet.  You may notice the pages have cockled - I think it's because this is cheap Journal not a quality one, and as such I tried sticking a few pages together to give them more strength, that was my first mistake.

Let's face it there are many mistakes and things wrong with this page, the only bit that went right was the stamping of the door on my makeshift crinkly tissue - greaseproof paper.

I hope you like it better than I do.

This is a very poor take on Michelle Webb's page that inspired me on Paper Artsy Blog

1 comment:

Michelle Webb said...

Jax, all the elements are there you know, its great, I love the orange against the green. Wrinkly pages are texture, we love texture. I love texture, and I love your wrinkles! I love the sentiment too. Of course great stamp! Michelle x