Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Have a Whopper of a Birthday

Now as a few of you may know, for last year's NEC a small group of dedicated Create and Craft fans decided to show their appreciation of a certain presenter of the channel, namely Martyn Parker.  Now he is not a crafter and has never purported to be one, however, the rapport he has with the demonstrators and the cheeky boy style he has endeared him somewhat to our hearts.  Thus a group known as OUPSS (The Official, Unofficial Parker Stalker Society)was born.  It was named such so that his most favourite catchphrase could be incorporated into the group's name. 

There has been rumour that a blog for this group exists, but has been quiet for some time.  I have inside information however, that once the insidious perpetrators of the rumour have been found and trained in IT, it will once again spring into life.

I digress.

Well the card below was made for said presenter as he is celebrating a milestone birthday today, and, as he had the good grace not to mention my age on air when wishing me happy returns of the day, I shall thusly return the favour.

In truth anyone who watches the channel will know anyway.

Martyn is a keen fisherman which is why I used this decoupage image from La Pashe/Just Inklined for the main image.  It was matted and layered using co-ordinating cardstock and mounted onto a 6X6 scalloped card blank.

Well have a ver Happy 50th Martyn and I hope you enjoyed the Grand Prix

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Carole Z said...

Lol Superb card Jax...looking forward to 'resurrection' of OUPSS blog! Carole Z X